Childbirth and the Cascade

Challenges After Childbirth

Welcoming a new baby to the family is exciting, but regardless of whether you have a c-section or a vaginal delivery, childbirth can turn even the simple task of using the bathroom into a messy, awkward, and painful process. So what’s a new mom to do?

Our Top Pick: The Cascade 3000 Luxury Bidet Seat

The Cascade 3000 looks much like an ordinary toilet seat and can be installed on your current toilet in a few easy steps. It features front and rear wash modes and an aerated wash stream that thoroughly cleanses without causing discomfort, making it perfect for getting clean after giving birth. In addition, the water pressure, water temperature, seat temperature, wand position, and air dryer temperature can all be adjusted to suit your preferences.


The Cascade 3000’s instant water heater generates unlimited warm wash water that helps relax tense muscles, and its oscillating option soothes sore areas by moving the wash stream back and forth in a gentle, rhythmic motion. This not only makes using the restroom more comfortable, it can also stimulate the bowels and loosen hard stool for easier bowel movements.


You can skip abrasive toilet paper altogether thanks to the Cascade 3000’s built-in warm air dryer, and the auto wash feature initiates a complete wash and dry cycle (using the seat’s last used settings), giving you one less thing to think about. The Cascade even makes those late night bathroom trips easier thanks to an nightlight that illuminates the toilet bowl with a gentle glow.


The Cascade 3000 is operated via an intuitive remote control that can be mounted on the wall for convenience, so you can put your energy towards learning your baby, not your bidet. Last but not least, the Cascade 3000 has a sittable lid, which isn’t common in the bidet world. This means you can sit on the Cascade’s lid while bathing the baby or trimming toenails without worrying about damaging the seat’s internal electronic components.


Bathroom Accessibility Benefits

Many women find that using the bathroom gets progressively more cumbersome as they near the end of pregnancy, especially when it comes to reaching behind or bending forward to wipe. Twisting to wipe can also be challenging after delivery due to sore muscles, stiches or incisions. The Cascade’s front and rear wash modes, adjustable wand position, and warm air dryer provide a hands free—and hassle free—cleansing experience from start to finish.


Health Benefits

In addition to increasing comfort and convenience in the bathroom, the Cascade 3000 helps alleviate the symptoms of common bathroom ailments during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. For example, many women experience hemmorhoids at some point during or after pregnancy, which can be caused by the expanding uterus compressing nearby veins, constipation, or the pressure from pushing during delivery. The Cascade 3000’s soothing warm water stream rinses away waste residue more thoroughly than wiping with toilet paper, which reduces the itching associated with hemmorhoids and promotes healing.


Hemmorhoids are often accompanied by constipation, but straining to complete a bowel movement when constipated can further aggravate hemmorhoids, leading to a vicious cycle of worsening symptoms. Using the Cascade’s rear wash prior to attempting a bowel movement can loosen the stool and relax tense muscles, making it significantly easier to complete a bowel movement without struggling.


Hygiene Benefits

The Cascade 3000 provides a comfortable way to thoroughly rinse away lochia, the uterine discharge that naturally occurs after both a vaginal delivery or a c-section, so you can feel fresh as you care for your new little one. Keeping the perineal area thoroughly clean also reduces the risk of irritation or infection if you’ve had stitches and promotes overall healing. Similarly, once your period returns, the Cascade’s front and rear wash modes will keep you feeling clean and confident after each trip to the bathroom.


Beyond Pregnancy and Postpartum

Best of all, bidets aren’t just for the postpartum mama, they’re beneficial for adults of any gender or life stage. The Cascade 3000 comes with an intuitive remote, so even individuals who haven’t used a bidet seat before will be able to navigate the wash and dry options. In addition, the Cascade’s interior components are coated with silver nano-technology that keeps the wash water completely clean, and its nozzles self-rinse before and after each use, so you can rest easy knowing that your wash experience is completely hygienic.


If you or a loved one is pregnant, postpartum, or simply wants the convenience and enhanced comfort bidet seats offer, check out the Cascade 3000 today!