About Us

Our Mission:

At Dignity Solutions, we are on a mission to support the independence and dignity of all people, and we are dedicated to providing bathroom solutions specially designed to meet the needs of the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and caretakers. Our vision is to enable as many people as possible to use the bathroom with as little help as possible. We have designed a bidet with care in order to help increase freedom and dignity, based on both our professional experiences in the industry as well as the invaluable input of those who consistently face challenges in the bathroom.

Who are we?

Dan and Sam, brothers, live in Michigan with their families.  Dan managed technical support for a large software company for 10 years before he became a professional in the Bidet business in 2013.  The company he founded, Many Bidets, has been a top online retailer in the industry for years.  Sam founded a non-profit youth event organization in 2007 and a professional wedding and event service company in 2009, then joined Dan, starting Dignity Solutions, in late 2018.

Our mother was a professional caregiver for years and Dan sold luxury bidets. We realized that there were few products on the market designed to help some specific needs, and as a result, many people were not being adequately served. We, the Johnson family, created Dignity Solutions to fill these needs.

Our desire:

It is the sincere wish of all of us at Dignity Solutions that our products make a positive difference in your life.  You can be a part of increasing bathroom dignity for all who are currently under-served by providing your feedback so we can continue to improve our products. Thank you!